Legimeet helps you from planning to reporting your meeting

When the summons has been sent out, we begin the preparations for your meeting. This means that we help you with digital registration of participants, digital postal voting, and handling of any powers of attorney.

After registration, we check credentials and registered participants. We then automate the voting list and consider pre votes submitted via the digital postal vote.

Participation takes place on the same terms, whether it is hybrid, virtual or in-room form. All in the same secure environment in real time. Voting takes place in connection with each item on the agenda and the result is shown immediately after the voting is finished.

We handle voting results for meeting minutes. Legimeet compiles the results and supplements with log files. The reporting will be secure, traceable, and transparent and meet all legal requirements.

We take responsibility for the meeting process from start to finish



Registration page
Pre voting via digital postal voting, uploading proxies and registration certificates


Control of authorizations Reconciliation of registered owners against the share register Production of preliminary voting list and pre votes


Hybrid, virtual or in-room meeting
Real-time voting and dialogue


Voting results for meeting minutes
SRD II receipts and confirmations
Complete log files

Complete your AGM with pre voting

For those who do not have the opportunity to participate in-room or virtually, pre voting via postal voting is a good alternative. Our secure and intelligent voting system counts all votes and accounts for different voting rights and multiple share classes. The result is automatically saved for minutes and reporting.

Pre votes are preloaded in the voting system and are displayed as part of the result. A participant who has pre voted can participate in the meeting live and change his or her vote on any issue by voting again. The latest vote counts.

Legimeet voting system

”​​For a smoother virtual or hybrid meeting, we advise that members of the presidium who are entitled to vote do so in advance for full focus on the meeting when it is ongoing.”


We can easily set up different permissions. Shareholders that have conflict of interest can be excluded from voting on specific issues. This applies, for example, to the board when deciding on the board's discharge from liability.

Secure identification

  • Pre-registration of participants
  • Swedish BankID and international equivalents
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Proxy management
  • Schrems II - all personal data remains in Sweden


We adhere to EU regulations and directives, SRD II and Swedish corporate legislation, ABL. Data from the meeting is stored and made available accordance with applicable requirements and then automatically anonymized in accordance with the GDPR regulation.

Chairs in a meeting room