We have a solution for all types of Formal Meetings and General Meetings

A meeting can be hybrid, virtual or in-room and we can help you with all the different alternatives.


A hybrid meeting is exactly what it sounds like - a mix between in-room and virtual participation.

The participant chooses the option that suits him or her best. We make it possible for everyone to participate on equal terms, regardless of where they are. It contributes to reduced travel as well as increased democratization and transparency.

People attending a hybrid meeting

How is ahybrid meeting managed?

Participants register to be in-room or virtually present at the meeting.

Those who are in-room will be checked in on site at the meeting after identification and those who are digitally log in and identify themselves with BankID directly in the platform. All participants can vote, request the floor, and discuss in real time with the meeting presidium in the platform. Those who do not have access to their own computer, tablet or smartphone can borrow a device on site.

Man using Legimeet platform on a tablet


We help you manage a fully interactive virtual meeting. Invite participants to ask questions. Moderate the discussion, reason, explain and answer questions live. Go to voting and view the results directly and in full transparency.


Arrange your meeting in-room and offer digital voting. Our secure and intelligent voting system counts votes according to share type and number and provides proxy management. The result is automatically saved for protocol and reporting.

People in a board meeting room

Complete your General Meeting with pre voting

Itis also possible to complete a general meeting with pre voting via digital postal voting. Pre votes are preloaded in the voting system and are displayed as part of the result. A participant who has voted pre voted can participate in the meeting live and change his or her vote on any issue by voting again. The latest vote counts. Find out more about pre voting here.

Do you want to broadcast the meeting from your conference room?

No special equipment needed, a computer or tablet with updated browser and internet access works fine. We can run or support your meeting remotely.

Or do you want a professional studio production?

We offer a complete solution together with selected studio partners with cameras, video mix, sound and light, or work with your preferred studio partner.