We help you meet your shareholders in real time

Invite your shareholders to ask questions

The company management can give speeches and show presentations, your shareholders can request the floor and ask questions to the meeting live. Voting takes place in connection with each item on the agenda and the result is displayed directly with full transparency.

Take the opportunity to communicate with your shareholders

As all shareholders can be reached simultaneously online, the General Meeting becomes an effective tool for communication. The platform can be adapted in color and shape to express the company's brand, send pre-recorded material, and interact with shareholders in various ways.

Do you want to broadcast the General Meeting from your conference room?

No special equipment needed, a computer or tablet with updated browser and internet access works fine. We can run or support your meeting remotely.

Or do you want a professional studio production?

We offer a complete solution together with selected studio partners with cameras, video mix, sound and light, or work with your preferred studio partner.

Do you want to know more?

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Voting rules and practices

Legimeet adhere to all standard voting practices and anticipated majority types. Legimeet also meets the (EU) SRDII regulation requirement of instant voting receipts. Receipts, confirmations and voting lists are sent both to shareholders and to the client when applicable.

Majority types

We have all the prevalent majority types; simple majority, qualified majority, or elective level.

Support for several types of shares

For issues that require a majority in a specific share class, the number of votes in the share class will be displayed. We also support simultaneous voting in several entities, such as companies and associations.


Legimeet allows for different permissions for owners, agents, and assistants and more.Shareholders that show conflict of interest on a certain matter can be exempted from voting on that issue. This applies, for example, to the board when deciding on the board's discharge from liability.

Owner information

To be entitled to participate in a general meeting, the shareholder must be registered at the meeting and registered in the share register on the record date.

By law, Euroclear Sweden holds ownership information for all listed companies. We can collect the information directly from you or from Euroclear with your consent.In the same way, we collect ownership information from you or the supplier who stores the information for your company if you are unlisted.

We only have access to the voting list for the meetings we produce, and all personal data is anonymized two weeks after the meeting has ended.

Automatic voting list

The voting list is created automatically in the platform when everyone who is registered for the General Meeting has logged in or been manually checked in. 

It is possible to combine the General Meeting with pre voting via digital postal voting. Pre votes are then stored during the meeting.A participant in the meeting may change his or her vote on any issue by voting again. The latest vote counts. 

Voting is usually completed in 5-10 seconds if most participants have a clear view of the issue. The chairman decides when the voting ends - when all the votes have been cast or enough for a clear decision on the matter.

Voting results

Different display solutions are possible, but we advocate our completely transparent solution where participants can view voting results unfold on screen in live bar charts and associated numbers.

Participants can view the number of votes cast for each option as well as abstained votes where applicable. During the meeting, the number of votes for and against the proposal are displayed. Information on how each participant voted is saved and can be made available after the meeting, unless a secret vote is requested.

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