December 20, 2022

Our ambition is to be the leading supplier of formal meetings

Hybrid meetings have started to be requested more and more. When we started Legimeet 2020, the focus was entirely on virtual meetings. Our ambition is to take the position as the leading supplier for all types of general meetings and other formal meetings.

Our ambition is to be the leading supplier of formal meetings

In 2022, we have organized most virtual and hybrid meetings with decision-making in one and the same platform in Sweden. We have listened to our clients' requests and have made adjustments during the year and can now offer all types of general meetings. A client request resulted in us developing digital voting for a completely physical meeting where we replaced raising hands and separate voting devices and facilitated proxy management.

A product that we have prioritized this year is the hybrid meeting, but our platform has also been used in fully virtual meetings and as postal voting. We also offer additional products for meeting administration such as registration and authorization management.

During the year, we have received several requests regarding different types of formal meetings from various actors such as banks and stock exchanges. We are now working on developing a cloud-based meeting portal to meet the need we see in the market. The portal will make it possible to easily add additional functionality and in the long run even completely new products.

In Sweden, the ambition is to make the legislation more permissive for fully virtual general meetings, but it looks like the decision will be delayed until the second half of year 2023. Therefore, physical and hybrid general meetings will be the dominant options next season when pure postal general meetings with the pandemic rules are no longer allowed.

We would like to thank all the listed companies and organizations that have given us their trust during the year, and we look forward to an exciting 2023!

Legimeet wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year