formal meetings online

Meet your shareholders online in real-time

Interactive shareholder meetings without delay and with instant voting.

What to expect from your digital AGM?

Think of it as your standard AGM, but online.

It goes like this: style the meeting with your brand, view everything in real-time, vote on each agenda point, see the result immediately, request the floor, chat, and go to separate digital rooms to deliberate. On top of that, present slides, documents, photos and videos throughout the meeting!

A connection as lag-free as real life.

Verify participants with identification
service of choice.

Participants can chat and request the floor.

Vote remotely.


Vote directly in connection to each agenda item

Every vote counts

Present and discuss the agenda items, move on to vote and view the results instantly. The clever voting system keeps track of the amount, types and class of shares and counts the votes accordingly. Use the stored results for record keeping and reporting.


Experience interactivity

Chat, vote, talk, see

In the shape of graphs, see the voting results change before your eyes. Discuss with multiple people at the same time or request to have the floor all to yourself.

Stay informed with the docs at hand

Read up to speak up

All participants have constant access to AGM related documents and reports throughout the meeting.

Let us plan your meeting

Sit back, relax and have a great meeting

We take care of everything from tech to studio set-up (if you like) to continuous support throughout the AGM.

You? Just show up!



Linus Lönnroth

Besides from the highly efficient voting-system it was incredibly valuable to be able to listen and reason with shareholders on important issues.

- CFO Heynow, Foodtech Game Changer.


Daniel Werner

In connection with Covid-19, we have received several inquiries about digital general meetings and needed to be able to quickly deliver a stable and tailored product. With Legimeet's platform, that was made possible.

- Senior Advisor Qbrick.


Per Akula

With Legimeet's voting and interaction functionality, we can deliver shareholder meetings that live up our clients' demanding requirements for both function and design.

- Senior Technical Project Manager på EDGE Design & Technology.

Ready to meet?

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